Medialon is rockin' with Jersey Boys," the Tony Award-winning Broadway musical at the August Wilson Theatre. Jersey Boys tells the story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons who achieved fame and fortune -- they sold 175 million records worldwide before they were 30 -- in the heyday of rock 'n roll.

Medialon controls the on/off functions of the show's four Sanyo XP55 projectors using serial over IP and cues a 5-node Dataton Watchout video playback system via a signal from the lighting console. "Medialon integrates with both the lighting system and video playback system and acts as 'digital glue,'" notes Timothy Owen Mazur of Sound Associates.

The project also took advantage of several of Medialon's unique features which included Timeline Synchronization, where programmers use Medialon's interface to program synchronized shows using a timeline metaphor for positioning; Software Control, enabling the system to control any software application from simple keystroke emulation to complex IP commands; and IP Control allowing for the execution of commands over IP.

The projections for Jersey Boys were designed by Michael Clark with Paul Vershbow the main programmer. At Sound Associates, which provided the projection gear, Pat Green was the Medialon specialist/ programmer and Tim Mazur was the project director.