Jerry Placken joined Meyer Sound as sales manager for LCS Series products. The newly created position makes Placken the primary contact at Meyer Sound for all LCS Series product sales. Placken will perform a critical role as the link between users in the field and Meyer Sound’s internal process for developing and selling LCS Series products. In this position, he will foster customer relationships and work with all Meyer Sound departments on LCS Series issues, while also creating broader awareness and more complete understanding about LCS Series products in the user community.

Placken comes to Meyer Sound bearing extensive experience with LCS Series products gained from his tenure working for White Radio, the Canadian distributor for what was LCS Audio’s products before Meyer Sound’s 2005 acquisition of the company. Placken’s degree in Music Engineering Technology from the esteemed program at the University of Miami (Fla.) means that his understanding of the products goes much deeper than that obtained from a sales viewpoint alone.

“Jerry worked quite closely with us during his time selling LCS Audio products at White Radio, so he has a very thorough knowledge of them,” says LCS Series executive director John McMahon. “That made him a natural choice to lead the charge as the LCS Series moves forward at Meyer Sound.”

Placken sees his appointment as putting him in the right place at the right time. “I always enjoyed working with the LCS Series products because their concepts are forward-looking, their products are powerful, their customer service is exceptional, and their approach to development is driven by the needs of their customers,” Placken says. “That’s some potent ammunition for a sales manager to have, plus I get to join Meyer Sound’s organization, which shares all those same qualities. I’m eager and excited to take LCS Series products to the next level.”

According to Meyer Sound executive vice president Helen Meyer, Placken’s appointment to the post is a major step in the company’s strategy for growing the LCS Series. “The LCS Series products are unique, so representing them properly takes someone with a solid understanding of the products and a clear vision of where the market is and where it’s going. Jerry has shown himself to be that person, and he will play a key part in our plans for the LCS Series product line from this point on.”

Placken will be based out of his home office in Ontario, Canada and can be reached at or (416) 460-9973.