The historic Tulare Union High School Auditorium in Tulare, CA has been carefully restored to its former glory, with one particular improvement over years past—a new Electro-Voice sound system featuring Xi series loudspeakers, remote-control Precision series amplifiers, and a full compliment of EV microphones.

The restoration project is the result of many years of dedicated work and countless hours of volunteer time. The school contacted Jerry Liles at Sound Contracting to design and build the last piece in the puzzle—a worthy sound system. Two of the key decision makers on the project, Bill Ingram and Ray Barrett, are highly accomplished musicians in their own right, and Liles set out to exceed their expectations.

“We worked with Skip Godwin (of EV reps PA Sales) to design a system that both met their budget and precisely addressed their performance requirements,” Liles says. “We installed Xi2123 full-range and Xi2183 subs for the main PA in an LCR configuration. The system works double duty as a single-switch PA for speech and assemblies, and is integrated with a Midas Venice console and Klark Teknik FOH equipment for concert-quality control and capability when they need it.

“Our clients have high standards,” Liles adds, “Bill Ingram—the main man behind the restoration project—is a very well known marching band instructor in this neck of the woods, and Ray Barrett is a very accomplished musician and one of the top authorities on Ray Charles, so both knew what they were listening for. The warm EV sound and the full coverage and ample headroom offered by the Xi/RL amplifier combination has proven the perfect choice: the system made its debut in a big way with the Count Basie Orchestra, and everyone was thrilled with the dynamic sound quality. A big band is a great way to put a PA through its paces, and the EV system passed with flying colors!”