Dolby Laboratories’ Live Sound Group has extended its worldwide reach with the Dolby® Lake® Processor and other loudspeaker management products with the recent appointment of five distributors on three continents.

The new distributor for Mexico is Vari Internacional SA de CV, based in Mexico City. In Brazil, Dolby Labs has appointed Sotex Audio E Luz Ltda. of Contragem, near Belo Horizonte.

In Europe, Warsaw-based Media Business Solutions, led by company president Piotr Lugowski, is the new distributor for Poland.

In Asia, Dolby Labs has appointed R.K. International Pte. Ltd. for India. The company, which is under the leadership of director Arun Kalma, is based in New Delhi. Also in Asia, Samat Show Technics Ltd., located in Almaty, has been appointed as the distributor for the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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