Radio City Music Hall, a New York City landmark for 75 years, has installed 11 Dolby® Lake® Processors. The processors are being used for zone control and optimization of a newly installed JBL VerTec sound reinforcement system as well as existing under-balcony speaker, front fill, and Dolby movie surround networks at the prestigious 6,000-seat, multi-purpose, indoor theatre.

The new main audio system, installed by Clair Brothers Systems, utilizes 11 Dolby Lake Processors to control the flown main left-right, down fill, subwoofer arrays, and a center cluster. Additional units provide processing for onstage side fill monitors, under-balcony delay, and front fill speaker systems. Two more units provide control of the in-house Dolby movie surround system.

Clair Bros. recommended the Dolby Lake Processors, according to Jim Devenney, the design and installation company's senior audio designer. "It has one of the simplest GUIs to operate, with minimal flipping between pages to get to different processors," he says. "We grouped everything for them on one page so it's really easy for them to get in and get going with it."

Tom Arrigoni, lead sound engineer for Radio City Music Hall, is already familiar with the processor due to the many Clair Bros. rigs incorporating the unit that are used on tours playing at the venue. "The first thing you notice about this system is that it's dead quiet," he says. "I have never heard a PA that has no audible noise. The superior sonic properties, coupled with the system's flexibility and the benefits of wireless operation, make this the optimum control package to meet the wide variety of applications that our Audio Department is called upon to meet."