The United States Institute of Theatre Technology (USITT) International Committee is attempting to identify young designers whose work has received recent notice and recognition in trade publications, such as Live Design. USITT is very excited about including as many new designers as possible this year. They are currently putting together the US entry into the upcoming 2007 Prague Quadrennial and invite designers to consider entering recent design work for consideration to be included into the exhibit.

For those unfamiliar with the Prague Quadrennial, it is an international exhibition of theatre design and architecture held once every four years in the Czech Republic where more than 50 countries submit national exhibits. (For more information, visit the PQ website: ). Interested designers should visit the US PQ home page for more information: If interested in having your design work considered for inclusion, click on the USA/PQ production entry tab and follow the instructions.

Contact Mike Monsos at 406-243-5138 with questions.

Feel free to pass this info on to other outstanding designers with which you have worked. Obviously, everyone won’t be included in the PQ, but reaching out to as many designers as possible will help USITT to develop an exciting exhibit.