Chitty Chitty Bang Bang uses a dozen Look Solutions' fog generators to create the required atmospheric effects, each night at Broadway's Hilton Theatre.

Tiny Foggers are used in several props throughout the performance. With their tiny size and the fact that they are battery-powered, Tiny Foggers were able to be built into the Baron's car, haircutting machine, breakfast machine, and wrecked car, with several additional units in the sweet factory.

Viper NT fog machines are utilized in smokestacks on the pirate ship and in the sweet factory. The ability of the Vipers to operate in a vertical orientation was an important consideration in their selection. By pointing the foggers straight up, an instantaneous and powerful jet of "smoke" can be created, whereas ducting the fog would seriously hinder both of those attributes. The Viper NT is also maintenance-free: no cleaning solutions are used and yet the heater won't clog.

At one point in the show, an Orka fog machine is used to get a lot of fog onto the stage very quickly. At 9000W, the Orka is a powerful fog generator. It contains three heater blocks and two fluid paths in an extremely compact housing. DMX control is integral, as is a connector to control an optional external fan.

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