Caldwell Theatre Company, located in Boca Raton, FL, has introduced a video projection system that incorporates multimedia elements in its productions; it is one of the first regional theatre companies to do so. Starting with the upcoming World Premiere on April 9, 2006 of The Impressionists by Michael McKeever, this state-of-the-art technology will be interfaced in the theatre's stage design.

Integrated into its live theatre performances, the audio-visual projection system will offer directors additional opportunities to personalize the theatre experience for audiences.

Caldwell Theatre Company was awarded a $40,000 matching Challenge Grant issued by the State of Florida’s Division of Cultural Affairs in 2005. The Challenge Grant Program offers those in the cultural arts the opportunity to “take a dare” to accomplish a demanding but stimulating undertaking in innovative technology, and Caldwell has met the challenge. A generous match of an additional $40,000 was made last year by a private foundation, enabling the theatre to acquire multiple media, including video cameras, projectors, and an operating server, which runs software for the integration of lights, cameras, projectors, and music in the design of Caldwell’s theatrical presentations.