Leading Netherlands-based sister production companies Ampco Pro Rent (APR) and Flashlight Rental have joined forces on a sold-out production of the new musical BeJuntos, starring the international company Mayumana and one of Israel’s biggest names in entertainment, the multi-talented David Broza who sings in Hebrew, English and Spanish.

Playing at the Mayumana House Theatre, in Jaffa, Tel Aviv, BeJuntos is the brainchild of both David Broza and Eylon Nuphar and Boaz Berman, artistic directors and creators of the international hit production Mayumana, three separate productions of which are now playing across the world.

BeJuntos is an amalgam of the Hebrew and Spanish words for “together” and, like Mayumana, blends music, dance, and theatre, melding the music of David Broza with choreographic inventiveness and energy. Mayumana and Broza have collaborated occasionally for nine years and decided last year to embark on this major joint project.

Says Roy Ofer: “We’ve been talking for years about creating something special together, and after selecting out of more then 60 Mayumana artists the most suitable performers for the production and creating a repertoire from David’s songs and writing some new ones, we have this unique creation called BeJuntos. We took two famous names and rather than produce a variety show based on both bodies of work we created something entirely new with its own theme, language and look in which both elements become one.”

APR is deploying a brand-new PA system for the production. It has specially added a Synco by Martin Audio W8LMD (“downfill”) line array system comprising three W8LMD cabinets and two Synco Subwoofers per side, along with stage and front fills of four Synco W8LMD and two Synco Subwoofers.

The console is a Yamaha M7CL-48 digital desk, with Lexicon PCM 70 and PCM 91 and eight Apex GX130 30-band graphic equalisers in the rack. Wireless systems comprise eight Shure U4D MK 11 UHF, 13 Shure U1MK2 beltpacks and 12 Shure Beta 54 headsets. Monitoring is via proprietary Synco CW121 floor monitors and the intercom system is from ASL.

The lighting rig consists of 84 PAR64s, 10 Iris 4-Cell 1kW units, 40 ETC Source Four luminaires with 20 Wybron Color Changers, six Vari-Lite VL2000 wash luminaires, and two DHA Lightcurtains.

Roy Ofer adds: “From the costumes to the scenery, from the set to the songs, everything is different and new from beginning to end. The same goes for lighting and sound – we have a long experience working with Ampco and Flashlight on Mayumana and we wanted to give BeJuntos the best possible production environment, so we involved them on the highest possible level that we could from day one of the production design. Ampco and Flashlight both brought in new equipment specially for this production and their commitment and service are, as ever, unbeatable.”

The show – which has just previewed – is already sold out for the first 100 performances.