ADB Lighting supported the Prague Quadrennial (PQ)’s second Scenofest in June with the main lighting elements for two of the central performance spaces.

The Scenofest attracted over 7,000 theatre students to a giant international festival of theatre technique. Its aim is to encourage students of lighting, staging, scenography, sound design, costume, makeup and more to expand their artistic and technical horizons through mutual collaboration during over 300 performances, events, and workshops.

A non-profit event, Scenofest 07’s numerous venues and stages were built and equipped on a voluntary basis. ADB Lighting’s contribution was equip two main stages with its latest luminaires, including the award winning, motorized Warp/M automated zoom profile spotlight. ADB rigs featured in both the iconic Paper Box Theatre and the central Scenofest Stage.

Michael Ramsaur, president of OISTAT (International Organization of Scenographers, Theatre Architects and Technicians), is Scenofest project manager, with stage lighting design by Dutch LD Henk van der Geest, supported by Scenofest webmaster and technical theatre group leader Chris van Goethem.

Ramsaur explains, “ADB Lighting was the major equipment brand used in the Scenofest Stage and the Paper Box Theatre, where we had a series of major presentations as well as performances, lectures workshops and other events… particularly useful in that they allowed us to achieve incredibly quick turnaround between all the various events. There could often be six or eight events per day in the Scenofest Theatre, which was the busiest theatre of the entire event, and having the ability to refocus and reposition the automated profiles quickly and accurately was a great asset.

“Absolutely everything is donated to Scenofest, and everybody works without pay; many even pay their own expenses and travel,” continues Ramsaur. “What Scenofest has done is to create a revolution, so as well as wonderful designs from around the world there are lectures, performances, and workshops that involve people exhibiting at the PQ as well, turning the whole event from static exhibits to an active, collaborative activity.

ADB’s Larry Busch adds, “It was an honor to be asked to participate by Michael Ramsaur and his distinguished team, because this event has become, in just two editions, a major contributor to the development of world theatre.”