Santa and the Rockettes are getting a little extra help this Christmas season on a national tour with the addition of a massive Daktronics modular display screening live video, colorful animations, and virtual holiday landscapes during the 77th annual Radio City Christmas Spectacular, that kicked off in early November.

The larger-than-life display, provided by Screenworks, a division of NEP, measures approximately 1250sq-ft. (116.12sq-m) and plays a vital role in the production, taking viewers on an animated journey to the North Pole, the first Nativity scene in Bethlehem, and then to downtown New York City for a double-decker bus tour.

Comprised of PST-10i modular LED panels, the display combines portable, lightweight panel design with an intuitive, building-block assembly platform that allows Screenworks to quickly setup and teardown the display as the show moves from city to city. Additional black-stamped, 3-in-1 LEDs provide for razor-sharp image contrast—resulting in deep, dark blacks and bright, vibrant colors.

The flexible creative platform of the display panels helped Screenworks create a distinctive onstage display presentation, with the display functioning as a real-time stage background for show. The display’s modular design will also allow the rental company to explore a countless variety of creative screen shapes in the future.

“The touring experts at Screenworks have once again shown how to use our product to improve a production, with quicker load in times and more efficient truck pack, all without sacrificing the quality of the video image,” said Myron Linde, Daktronics mobile and modular sales manager.

The tour will travel through 31 major U.S. cities before concluding on January 3. For show times and more information on the production, visit the Radio City website.