Gothenburg's festive outdoor Dataton Watchout™ show is rapidly becoming a Christmas tradition. Now in its third season, the Christmas show has a fantastic projection area: the 1,200sq-meter facade of the city's art museum, overlooking the main shopping avenue.

This year the show will run 55 times during December and thousands of spectators are expected to throng the avenue. The show, The Magic Christmas Chambers is produced by Eyebrite, Gothenburg, with Massteknik providing total technical services.

Dataton Watchout multi-display software is used to create the widescreen show with its blend of seamless images, video footage, graphics, and audio. The projection rig consists of nine Barco R12+ projectors with 12,000 ANSI lumens each.

The Magic Christmas Chambers runs three times daily, Dec. 7-23.