The Compulite Vector control system was used in Prince Charles of Wales and Camilla Parker Bowles’ wedding, which was led by the Archbishop of Canterbury at St Georges Chapel in Windsor Castle.

Lighting director Bernie Davis used his own Vector Green control system to control a discreet rig of conventional lighting, supplied by ELP, creating an unobtrusive installation and a natural look.

The lighting control position was from the world's smallest Portakabin–only 12'x8' for the lighting desk, dimmer cabinets, monitors, communications, and even some sound terminations–so the Vector Green’s compact size fit in well. The Portakabin was shoe-horned into the building works outside the chapel alongside the GE generators.

"The Vector iControl iPAQ based wireless remote control was really useful yet again; we simply rigged an Ethernet cable through the window and placed an access point in the organ loft," Davis comments. "This gave me remote control of the desk throughout the chapel, which is essential in a building of this type."

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Pictures courtesy of Colin Jones.