The new Vari-truss is a flexible lighting truss, which consists of interlocking structural components that can be assembled in minutes and easily manipulated into virtually any shape. The assembled truss can then be adjusted to meet design criteria and locked into fixed position.

The Vari-truss is also ideal for convention display booths, due to its design and function capabilities as well as the ease of assembly, breakdown, andshipping and storage.

Vari-truss easily breaks down after use to manageable components ideal for storage and shipping. For decades, the industry-standard box truss has been the only option for the entertainment business. Vari-truss is ideal for small live venues, because it can be shaped to accommodate confined spaces that would ordinarily limit the amount and types of usable lighting and sound equipment.

Vari-truss' high-tech aesthetics allow production designers, LDs, etc. to use it as a stand-alone design element. The Vari-truss has unlimited applications in architecture and construction. For example, the truss can quickly achieve unusual curved ceiling configurations not previously attempted due to prohibitive fabrication costs and engineering concerns.