Tomcat USA is proud to support local Midland / Odessa, Texas performers.

Tomcat recently sold a custom fabricated 40' wide x 20' deep stage system to Rusk Elementary School which is adjustable between 4' and 6' tall. The school approached Tomcat in 2006 about supplying a new stage system for the annual Veteran's Day show that the students perform at the Commemorative Air Force (CAF). The old stage had become so worn out that safety had become a major concern.

For its part, Tomcat donated the stage decks required for stage set up they needed—some of the younger students would probably be very excited to know that the same deck was used on a Bob the Builder touring production! Rusk Elementary paid cost for the support framing, a standard system used on past projects modified to work with these decks. Two sets of stairs were also made, one for each side of the stage providing access to the stage for the young performers. In addition, transportation dollies were made to help transport the system. The complete system was delivered to the CAF were it will be stored and used as needed by Rusk Elementary.