Texas Instruments recently hosted its sales teams from North America, Mexico, and South America at the biannual 2007 American Sales Conference in Grapevine, Texas. The electronics giant sought to inspire the team with the James Bond-themed goal to “Double in ’07.”

designSMITH was retained to create a high-tech presentational scene worthy of Bond himself. The mission was tackled with equal parts imagination and enjoyment to transform a ballroom into Q’s top-secret weapons lab, complete with a weapons wall, a laser tower, and loads of sophisticated gadgetry. The upstage wall consisted of an industrial-looking grid and a not so top secret “mission graphic” depicting the Texas Instruments logo. Two large screens loomed on either side of the stage to display presentations and 007-inspired graphics. The kinetic atmosphere was enhanced with moving lights, cylindrical chandeliers, and a backlit orange glowing “synergy tank.”

Production Design by designSMITH Collaborative™, produced by BI, lighting design by Pamela Mara, and constructed by Showcrafters Inc.