Summit Steel is enjoying another hectic summer of SmarTmast supplies.

07/07 Remembered
For the commemoration ceremony in London’s Regent’s Park of the first anniversary of the London Bombing on 07/07/05, Summit supplied the Department of Culture, Media, and Sport with a 43ft high ground support system for a BBC hothead camera, in addition to four SmarTmasts for the stage area. The masts were used to support the VDOSC PA arrays supplied by Delta Sound. Production Manager was Chuck Crampton.

Leeding the Way
At Leeds Castle, Summit deployed four SmarTmast 1s and two SmarTmast 2s as a two-legged goalpost structure constructed from 20.5cm SuperTruss, plus two SmarTmast 3s. The 3 is also a goalpost construction made from 52cm truss, designed for heavier duty applications like the simultaneous suspension of video and PA.

These Masts were all used for the Leeds Summer Shows, a series of pop and classical events, produced by a variety of different companies.

The 3s were used for video and the 1s and 2s for various PA elements supplied by RG Jones. The stage featured the 2s left and right, further stage left was a SmartTmast 3, complete with video screen, with the other 3 further out into the auditorium also supporting a video screen. The 1s were used for delay towers in the field.

At Leeds Temple Newsham House and Park, Summit supplied Leeds City Council with Masts for their own classical show, and then another identical system for the T4 pop event shortly after. Two SmarTmast 3s either side of stage were used here for hanging video and PA (a d&b Q-1 line array), complete with four version 1 Masts for the delays.

Premier Kit
Back in London, for the premier of Miami Vice in Leicester Square, Summit supplied a SmarTmast 3 to suspend a large Lighthouse 16 LED video screen and banners above the walkway that guided the stars, celebs, and VIPs into the Odeon Cinema.

London’s Somerset House utilized SmarTmasts in their main courtyard for two separate seasonal events; four SmarTmast 1’s for the suspension of PA at their Film Festival, and two SmarTmast 1’s for their pop season.

Summit has also serviced The Henley festival with Masts, along with the Windsor Horse Show and The Queens Birthday Celebrations.