Serious Stages, in association with Atlantic Events, supplied Live Nation with one of their 60-ft Space Roofs, complete with new super weatherized “cow-shed” storage bays, for a series of summer concerts at Althorp House in Northampton, England. The Space Roof was launched last year to accommodate the demands of large and complex shows. The medium leg Space Roof offers a trim height of 44 ft and distributes load capacity of 10 tons per arch (over 40 tons across the whole roof). The stage below measured about 32 ft x 47 ft with a load capacity of 30 tons.

The Althop event also featured Serious' Luna sing PA masts either side of stage, a specially designed new system configured in three heights 39ft, 47ft and 55ft (for maximum flexibility) and for flying up to 4 tons of PA. The space between the two main base out-riggers is partly decked at low level, which is useful for PA preparation and bass enclosure support.

Serious Stages’ design has included a unique head-board that works in conjunction with the heavily ballasted base to allow the mast to be easily scrimmed. With PA scrimming now de rigueur at any major festival or event, Serious’ new scrim system combines semi and non-permeable fabric.

The new side “cow-sheds” are now available and are designed to attach to the side of the roof via overlapping flaps. This minimizes the chances of water build up and its potentially disastrous consequences.

The three days of Althorp shows included performances by Westlife and Bryan Adams, who both brought elements of their own productions to be added to the house rig supplied by the promoters.

The Serious crew of 20 was production managed by John Wilson and led by Aleksis Zarins. They arrived on site a Tuesday and started the construction process, ready for a Friday show.

Serious also supplied an 26 ft high, three tier FOH tower, accommodating lighting and sound control, plus follow spots on the top deck.

Bryan Adams required a 7 ft deep thrust running the entire width of the stage at 250 mm below the front lip of the stage, which was also constructed by the Serious team.

With a level ground and a fabulous setting just in front of the magnificent house, built in 1508, it was a relatively straightforward build reports Wilson.