Scharff Weisberg, Inc. provided lighting, computers, and video displays for the Nokia Nseries booth at the 2007 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas recently where the communications firm unveiled three new devices and showcased many current products with the theme, “It’s what computers have become.”

The Nokia booth was one of the biggest and most impressive at CES this year. The structure, a 70x70x50-foot roof stage, was designed and fabricated by Jack Morton Worldwide’s New York and London offices. It was erected in the parking lot of the Las Vegas Convention Center and filled with an exciting array of media, which captured the attention of showgoers who were amazed to see the booth literally grow out of nothing.

Stage Co. supplied the roof, trussing, and labor which permitted Scharff Weisberg to fly the large, complicated truss rig from which the lighting complement hung. Vegas Rig provided the trussing for the lighting rig.

Scharff Weisberg supported lighting designer Bob Boniol of Mode Studios, which was charged with dazzling attendees and bringing to life the Nokia Nseries environment. The lighting package consisted of 100 Vari*Lite moving heads; 160 Color Kinetics Color Blasts and Color Kinetics Blazes for washing the booth and running complex pixel-mapping motion cues; and myriad ETC Lekos and PARs. Wybron CXI scrollers were deployed for truss toning and providing products with the punch representative of the new Nokia Nseries technology. The lighting system was controlled and supported by networked grandMA consoles and ELC DMX LAN boxes which created a robust and highly-effective system for building, teching, and running the show.

More than 30 laptops and plasma screens were used throughout the booth to demonstrate the capabilities of the Nokia Nseries devices.

"Nokia is a client who consistently challenges us to deliver unexpected elements and unprecedented results in design,” says Bob Bonniol of Mode Studios. “This year's CES was a particularly demanding mission. We had a huge installation with complex arrangements of LED, movers, rigging and media elements. As always, Scharff Weisberg was our only choice for meeting a challenge like this. And, as always, they delivered spectacular results."

“We’re looking forward to a yearly reunion at CES with the team that made the Nokia Nseries show such a success this year,” declares Scharff Weisberg's Walter Elzey.

For Jack Morton Worldwide, Joseph Delorenzo was the senior producer and Lisa Orzechowski was the account director. Walter Elzey, the overall account manager for Scharff Weisberg, worked with Jack Morton Worldwide to manage big-picture expectations for the client. John Healy acted as Scharff Weisberg’s lighting project manager and production electrician working closely with Mode Studios’ Bob Bonniol and Jordan Janesko to achieve their vision. Scharff Weisberg also utilized the talents of Sean Cagney and Chris Komishock as systems engineer and moving light tech/programmer, respectively.

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