DNF Controls today announced that Scharff Weisberg has purchased a 2044CL Instant Access Clip System for controlling Grass Valley and Doremi media recorders and players.

For live event productions, Scharff Weisberg’s staff chose the DNF solution for its intuitive user interface and bevy of clip-assignable buttons. Many of Scharff Weisberg’s staging projects involve corporate events and theatrical productions that can last from an hour to a week or more. From its base in Long Island City, NY, the 25-year-old company must set up its equipment in a wide variety of configurations to meet the individual needs of each client.

"The DNF equipment worked right out of the box," says systems engineer Barry Grossman. "It was intuitive to our technicians. Ultimately, we felt that the DNF solution gave us the best tools to pull off our live productions smoothly."

Scharff Weisberg uses the 2044CL Instant Access Clip System to control its Grass Valley™ Turbo intelligent digital disk recorder (iDDR) and/or its hard drive recorder-players from Doremi Systems, depending on the production. The 2044CL provides full support for the high-end Turbo iDDR’s record channel and two playback channels, as well as Doremi’s full line of video disk recorders. The 2044CL supports Odetics, VDCP, and AMP control protocols.

DNF’s 2044CL is designed for some of the most demanding broadcast applications. An integrated solution comprised of the company’s top-of-the-line ST400 controller and ST420 shotbox, it provides 10 banks of 30 buttons that enable users to quickly access up to 300 clips or multiple-clip combinations on up to eight video server channels. Users can scroll through a list of clips, select one, mark in and out cue points to specify only a portion of the clip, and then assign it to a shotbox key which then displays the name of the clip associated with it. Another key press instantly plays out the clip.