NMR recently held their 2006 Technology Showcase at their New Jersey corporate office. NMR had state-of-the-art technology on display from their rental division as well as from their staging & events division. Attendees were completely immersed in the technology, able to see, touch, and realize the different types of media and equipment presented.

NMR had various sizes and types of displays, including seamless plasmas, 3-D LCDs, and large-scale projections. As the exclusive US rental provider for Solaris Labs, NMR had the FS series, a 46-inch LCD display, as well as the RP series, a 100-inch acrylic display that uses rear projection, available for demonstration and participation. With integrated sound systems and 3-D display capabilities, both series have advanced interactivity by detecting hand gestures. In addition, there were many forms of LED technology. Among them were the Stealth, which is also known as the see-through LED wall, and VersaTubes, which run low-resolution video through fluorescent tubing. The LED floor, a six-millimeter LED encased in a steel frame topped with a Plexiglas overlay, allows guests to walk on top of it. Guests were able to view three-millimeter and six-millimeter LED walls, as well as the LED curtain; a low resolution LED that projects through a velour fabric. The staging & events division demonstrated their extensive range of capabilities from a complete general session down to a breakout meeting room with real, applicable content displayed in each.

“The showcase provided us an opportunity to show technologies utilized on corporate events as well as in the tradeshow environment. The bridge between the staging & events and the rental divisions allow us to provide exciting and creative solutions for our clients,” says Ed Conrad, director of operations for NMR staging & events.