In the last six months, South Florida-based Media Stage has used Vista Systems’ Spyder for high-profile events in Puerto Rico for HP, SafeCo, Citigroup, and Bacardi.

A leader in creating corporate events and supporting live performances, Media Stage is headquartered in Sunrise, FL with an office in Puerto Rico to serve the Caribbean market, a favorite destination for corporate retreats. The company offers technical, creative, and project-management services for corporate meetings and events worldwide.

"We’ve been using the Spyder primarily for widescreen display, three or four projectors wide plus online back-ups, but we also employ it as an image processor and routing device for multi-screen presentations," explains video engineer/multi-screen programmer, Michael Barkley. "It has performed beautifully in all applications. The Spyder’s software is very intuitive: Every release is very functional. The Spyder allows very complex moves with inputs but offers flexibility should something change." Barkley points out that clients initially view the widescreen as "this glitzy thing that everyone wants but is not sure how to use. They’re overwhelmed by its usefulness. But once they begin exploring the system and seeing how it specifically suits their application they discover how it makes meetings more interesting for the audience and more dynamic for the speakers."

Spyder’s widescreen display capabilities took center stage at a recent Bacardi national sales meeting at the El Conquistador Hotel in Puerto Rico. Produced by Multivision Film & Video in Miami, Fl., the gathering showcased product-related sales and marketing information, commercials and advertising campaigns for multiple product lines on an 11’x36’ daylight dual view screen. An 8-input Spyder 344 system fed Beta playback and four separate graphics inputs to Barco R10 projectors for maximum impact on the big screen.