Nordstrom recently turned to lighting designer and programmer Mike Casale for a spectacular visual display for their Annual Men’s Fashion Show on Chicago’s trendy Michigan Avenue, and Casale employed Intelligent Lighting Creations (ILC) to bring his vision to life.

Using Martin’s new LC Series™ panels and Maxedia media server, both Mike and ILC were able to create an atmosphere that would complement the designs while garnering the crowd’s full attention.

“The LC Series panels provided an excellent backdrop for the runway and stage area,” says Bob Moisan of Intelligent Lighting Creations. “The output of the LEDs was tremendous, and created an exciting event for the audience as well as the production crew.”

The LC Series is a semi-transparent, modular system of LED panels for displaying video and images. The LC Series closely integrates light, video, and set design.

“When we first demo’d the product, we realized that the LC panels were easy to setup and would provide our clients with a new and exciting product for a wide variety of productions,” says Moisan. He is referring to LC’s assembly in truss mount format which allows each unit to be evenly joined for seamless image projection.

“The ‘see-through’ design of the LC panel lends itself to scrim-like applications which is very appealing to a wide variety of shows,” continues Moisan.

In addition to the LC’s unique semi-transparent design is the genlock feature which helps prevent light-flicker when using panels for TV applications.