Le Maitre Special Effects Inc has acquired the assets and the operating manufacturing plant from Luna Tech Inc of Huntsville, Alabama.

“These new resources will allow us to better serve our dedicated customers by being able to offer an increased range of various products. We intend to keep all the current employees,” says Adrian Segeren, president of Le Maitre Special Effects. All the managers have agreed to remain in their positions as they are very pleased with the changes in ownership. This is a key element in making the Huntsville facility successful.

“Many plans are already in place to get the factory up and running quickly and safely. Safety has been #1 since their unfortunate accident in 1999. I intend to maintain this “Safety First” policy by continuing with the current processes that have been put into place by the staff,” Segeren states. “Patience will be a key element during this ‘ramp up’ process for the Huntsville facility. We appreciate the commitment of our many dealers and customers that are waiting for products. We will do our very best to meet your needs!”

“With the acquisition of the Huntsville facility it will allow us to continue our business relationship with Darren Naud and Mike Hiskey, owners of DMD Systems who currently manufacture the Angel Fire Brand of Pyrotechnics in New Mexico. Darren Naud and Mike Hiskey have a unique ability to develop many great products that will now be manufactured in larger volumes in the Huntsville facility. These two individuals are brilliant and both have earned a PhD in high explosives,” continues Segeren. “We are going to redefine the manufacturing techniques and make changes in the industry that are long overdue.”

“None of this will be possible without great team work,” Segeren adds. “Therefore we are currently in the process of developing the best team in the industry. I am very excited to be leading this team and very optimistic that we will achieve great things together.”

Le Maitre Special Effects will continue business as usual with Le Maitre UK distributing the ProStage II and Pyroflash brands.