Green Hippo’s “special correspondent” Johan of West Lighting has been busy again, this time with the Finnish Television Awards which took place last month at the Peacock Theatre, Helsinki.

Two different Hippotizers were combined to create the look for the show, using a Hippotizer V2 Express to control the LED wall and a Hippotizer V3 HD to create the panoramic projection acting as a backdrop for the stage. Supplied by West Lighting, the Hippos were programmed by Mr Lassi Seppä and controlled via a WholeHog II.

Lighting designer Jussi Kallioinen of Eastway Light & Sound Oy was especially pleased with the quality of the Hippotizer's soft edge blending noting, “I have never in my life seen an invisible overlap, and now I have one. The Hippotizer is one superb thingie! During the Venla production I was amazed how easy it was to make a panoramic projection. I have seen, on several occasions, video guys fiddling around with their projectors and software but not really getting there. During Venla, the projectors were pointing a bit here, there and everywhere, but Johan just made all his adjustments from the Hippo and it was ready in no time."

Johan was also impressed with how the Hippotizer helped him tackle the problem of having projectors at different heights, distances, and angles from the projection surfaces. With no correction available from the projectors themselves, the Hippotizer had to take care of the heavy keystoning, softedge blending, and color correction which Johan was able to do by running all inserts through the Hippotizer's Capturecard.

"The Capturecard setting's aspect correction is a unbeatable tool, just fantastic,” he says. “It is amazing that I have been using Hippotizers for years and still it makes me smile every time you see the result. People have to realize what amazing things these Hippotizers can do!”