Volkswagen made sure its stand would be noticed at this year’s North American International Auto Show (NAIAS), with a little help from G-LEC’s Phantom 30 technology.

The show, which was held in Detroit in January, showcased exhibits, production, and concept vehicles and attractions. Among the displays was Volkswagen’s stand with 44-meter (144-feet) wide, custom-made Phantom 30 frames set up in an arc on each side of a high-resolution video wall.

Designer and technical coordinator Ulrich Schmidt-Kalteich of Lightidee, Germany, specified the Phantom because of its transparency, brightness, and static possibilities. He says, “The client’s brief stated high brightness and transparency from both sides—front and back—with a clean, architecturally unobtrusive outfit. In order to soften the image for people close up, we placed a voile fabric in front of the frames.

G-LEC custom engineered its standard one by one meter frames to a new form factor of 0.5 meters wide by two metres tall, to enhance the visual clarity at eye height. The 30mm pixel resolution Phantom, with daylight LEDs, worked brilliantly in very high ambient lighting levels to deliver a very punchy show.

Ulrich concludes, “We were pleasantly surprised with the results—the brightness and reliability of the Phantom 30 is unrivalled.”