Bandit Lites, Inc. has integrated easyjob® software into their rental process as another step forward. easyjob is made by Protonic, a German-based company. The Excel-like program offers a variety of customizable features. The program allows users to manage complicated projects that cover multiple events and locations, efficiently schedule staff, prevent inventory deficiency and overbooking, and calculate the profitability of projects, among other features.

Bandit general manager at the Knoxville facility, J.R. Sander, uses easyjob on a daily basis. Sander explains the benefits of easyjob software, “Easyjob has an uncomplicated and informative navigator window. It is easy to enter and modify information in easyjob for new projects and workshop information. The date flexibility of equipment lookup is also very easy to access, adjust and to use to make decisions.”

Sander said that he especially likes the availability tab for quick checks of equipment availability. Also, when entering items into projects it has an instant viewing of calculated availability. “Overall, easyjob has been a great asset to Bandit Lites and our ability to manage inventory and conflict resolutions,” he adds.

Bandit director of computer resources, Jim Guinn applauded the EasyJob software for its versatility, saying, “ easyjob has been a great program to work with. Its SQL database allows us to create custom reports and makes it possible to share data with our other software packages. It is very easy for users to learn how it works just like any other windows programs, including Outlook. easyjob gives us the availability of tracking and reporting that we need to manage hundreds of tours all over the world. The barcode implementation also helps improve our data entry and error checking capability for our warehouse locations.”