With its recent purchase of 60 square meters of Barco's NX-4 indoor LED tiles, Creative Technology Group (CT) has become the latest in a growing number of fans of this true black LED display solution.

"We have been evaluating the black chip LED for the last twelve months," says Stephan Gray, CT's chief operating officer. "With the NX-4, we found a product that delivered on our key requirements: color uniformity, mechanical uniformity, and resolution."

Using Barco's NX-4 modules, CT Germany built its first project in April at the Osram stand in the Light + Building 2008 Convention in Frankfurt. A 6x10 module screen (14 square meters) offered both live HD content and high-resolution animations.

Osram is one of the two largest manufacturers of lighting products in the world. CT Germany delivered the complete video technology solution for the Osram stand. In addition, they were responsible for the technical realization of the Osram press conference using HD broadcast technology, including fiberglass transmission of the press conference to another Osram stand.

The NX-4 is the perfect choice for high-quality, high-resolution indoor presentations such as the Osram stand. Using black LED and the use of black silicon resin instead of white epoxy, the 4mm NX-4 delivers the deepest black levels of any LED product on the market. With a brightness output of 2,000 Nit and market-leading light trap shaders, the NX-4 achieves a stunning contrast ratio of 4000:1.

Built on a lightweight carbon fiber Mag-frame instead of the traditional steel structure, the tiles can be used in standard displays or split apart to form creative presentations. Each module is easily accessible for service.

"Creative Technology consistently strives to be the first to offer our clients the latest products from the worlds leading equipment suppliers," explains Gray. "We are pleased to add the Barco NX-4 to our extensive inventory of indoor/outdoor and creative LED products.