Bandit Lites is proud to announce a large purchase of the brand new Coemar Infinity lights from the team at ICD-Gary Mass, Noel Duncan, and Nick Freed. Bandit has preordered several hundred of what Bandit CEO, Michael Strickland, states as “the most revolutionary fixture since the introduction of the VL1 in 1981.”

The Infinity is the industry’s most powerful wash fixture, delivering pure saturated reds, blues, and greens by using a patented new color system designed by the engineers at Coemar. Additionally, the fixture offers a dynamic zoom range that spans from six to eighty degrees and will function in the narrowest beam angle as a light akin to an ACL beam. Offering a form of basic pattern projection, the Infinity is a true hybrid between a wash and a spot fixture.

Bandit sees limitless applications for this groundbreaking technology and placed the order months ago based purely on technical drawings. The Infinity will no doubt set an elevated standard in the industry and Bandit is proud to be a part of the new technology.

“Evolutionary and revolutionary are the appropriate words to describe the new Infinity fixture,” comments Bandit vice president, Richard Willis. “By blurring the lines between the common spot and wash fixture and giving the Lighting Designer CYN and RGB color mixing in one unit, the Infinity Light is a remarkable advancement. My compliments to the Coemar design team who were willing to look outside the box of current R&D and give us the next dynamic fixture.”