Last week, Elation Professional held an open house at the company’s Los Angeles headquarters to unveil a new showroom, designed to showcase all ranges of products from Elation, Acclaim, and American DJ, as well as partner audio and truss companies, including Global Truss America.

Within the new 4,000sq-ft demo area, the various set-ups showcase different products, such as a mock TV studio; an architectural zone; a truss, light, and video panel room for a more rock 'n' roll feel, as well as a separate ADJ area showcasing the latest in club, effects, and event lighting.

Some of the new and interesting products shown were the Platinum Wash ZFX with its three “rings” of individually controlled LEDs, and the XL version with its five separate “rings.” Both have great zoom, color-mixing, and speed.

The Pixel Touch PCB is a touch-sensitive, low-res LED display that can be pixel-mapped and controlled via DMX and can still react to contact for a very interactive experience. The newly-battery powered TVL series of freestanding, variable color temperature LED key lights are perfect for TV or film applications. Now that these fixtures can be “self-powered,” they're even more versatile.

I like the new ADJ Freq 5 and Freq 16 LED white strobes that come in a 5-cell and 16-cell version; as well as the existing line of LED video panels, including the EPV 15 Flex, a 15mm flexible screen that can be bent to make a variety of shapes.

Eric Loader, director of sales for Elation, led the day, with incredibly well programmed demos from the Elation team. The room is now open and ready to show off an extremely wide variety of products.