Lighting designer Ethan Weber recently created a design for Return to Forever, the jazz fusion group from the 1970s made up of members Chick Corea, Stanley Clark, Al Dimeola, and Lenny White, who decided it was time to play again together for the first time in 25 years. For the 2008 reunion that toured from May to August, Christie Lites supplied lighting in the US and Canada.

Weber’s design included Martin Professional MAC 2000 Wash units and MAC 700 Profiles, AC Lighting Chroma-Q Color Blocks for truss warming, ETC Source Four ellipsoidals, PAR 64s, PAR 64 six-lamp bars, 2kW Fresnels, 4-Lite Molefays, Wbyron CXI Color Changers, all hung over a mix of black truss and silver box truss. The rig was controlled via an MA Lighting grandMA console, with a grandMA Lite for a spare. A 48’x25’ backdrop of dark red velour created a theatrical setting for the group.

Chris Herman was lighting tech on first US leg, with Chris Keene on second. Alan Niebur was the account manager for Christie Lites.