LCS Audio’s VRAS (Variable Room Acoustic System) provides optimal acoustics for stage productions and classical concerts in the new Performing Arts Center in Herzliya, Israel, a 750-seat multipurpose hall.

MediasPro Medientechnik GmbH from Eckersdorf in Germany provided both technology and know-how for the successful installation. The installing company was BARKAI Benny Brookstein Ltd., Tel Aviv.

VRAS is an electronic system for enhancing the natural acoustics of a room. Both early reflections and late energy are adjusted thougth distinct algorithms. Audible frequencies are evenly enhanced to minimize sound coloration and to maximize the gain before feedback.

In the new hall, the reverberation time now can be increased from its natural 1.2 seconds to 3 seconds. A keypad with five presets has been installed: "Off", "Dramatic Speech", "Chamber Music", "Classical Symphony" and "Romantic Symphony." The suitable preset is chosen before admission of the audience. Thus theatre and performance are experienced as a natural whole.

Harvey Bordowitz, music director and conductor of the Herzliya Chamber Orchestra Yad Labanim, is impressed about the performance of the system: "Why didn’t anyone invent such a system years ago? I have needed that before!" Bordowitz will conduct his first concert in the new hall on November 20th.

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