Leroy Bennett has designed lots of shows through the years that have pushed the art of stage design, but Lights In The Sky finds itself on this list for many reasons, not the least of which was the imaginative use of varying resolution screens positioned in layers—sometimes in front of the band, sometimes behind it, and sometimes both. One even came in to land 6' from the edge of the stage for a couple songs, the band behind it with two more screens as background. There was even band and crew “interaction” with the screens including a crewmember who appeared to erase the content on a screen using his flashlight. Bennett also made inventive use of an audience-facing, upright array of Martin Professional MAC 300 LED fixtures that sat on the stage, programmed to use the movement of the fixtures themselves as effects (think: the wave performed by luminaires). Cory FitzGerald programmed the lighting, and Sean Cagney programmed the video for the tour.

It was our cover story in October 2008.

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