With lighting by Peter Morse, a stage designed by Bruce Rodgers, and video direction by Carol Dodds, Drowned World was designed as four distinct mini-operas, each with its own set pieces and costumes (of course, Madonna’s wardrobe wouldn’t be complete without entries from Jean Paul Gaultier, Donatella Versace, Dean and Dan Caten of D2, and Dolce & Gabbana). Arriving on stage via a “spaceship,” Madge also perches in a 24'-tall aluminum tree, flies through the air with the greatest of ease, conquers a mechanical bull, pops out of a spinning, 3,800lb “poof chair,” and oh yeah, she sings, dances, and plays guitar, too—a lot of stuff moving, a lot to build, and a lot to light. Dare we say, it drowned the senses—obviously the point.

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