This fall, the Minneapolis Children's Theatre Company will open its Cargill Stage to the public. The new stage provides an additional performance space with flexible seating for up to 300. When designing the new facility, Children's Theatre Company wanted the lighting options to be as flexible as the seating. The Tomcat design team helped the company accomplish just that.

The order included 65 pieces of medium duty truss (45 - 15' sections, 12 - 5' sections, and eight 4’ sections) with asexual spigots. These truss sections can be configured in a number of ways, but Tomcat provided an additional bit of flexibility in the corner blocks designed with custom-made, spigoted truss attachment brackets (TABs).

In addition to the truss, the order included 36 Columbus McKinnon one-ton Model L chain hoists and two CM 500lb. Prostars. All of the Model L hoists came equipped with trolleys that allow them to move easily along the main building beams.

The setup gives Children's Theatre Company a tremendous amount of flexibility in its new space for a variety of upcoming productions for the young and young at heart.