Top Maltese AV company Studio 7 has added 18 Robe ColorSpot 1200 ATs and six ColorWash 1200 ATs to its inventory from Robe’s distributor Sonlit Ltd. The deal was completed a month before a Sony Communications and Entertainment conference on the island, which was the first outing for the new fixtures. This was held in the Eden Arena at The Intercontinental in St Julian’s, Malta’s largest five-star hotel. Studio 7 undertook full production–sound, video, lighting, set production, and staging services–for the Sony event, including the purchase of any new equipment needed to cater for the conference’s full requirements.

Nick Jones designed the lighting. Due to venue restrictions, only four ColorSpots could be hung in the air, but the Robes gave enough coverage for the stage area.

The remaining Wash and Spot units were put on the deck. Jones took advantage of the arena’s unique arched silver ceiling to bounce light around the space, using the powerful and strong colors available from the Robes. Six fixtures mounted on the upstage edge of the stage up-lit the white voile backdrop. The versatility of the units meant the voile could be transformed into any color and texture quickly, and the client loved the various effects used to light the large space. All units were run off an Avolites Pearl.

According to Sony Communications and Entertainment, it was their best conference in 10 years.