Hadley vs. Fry & ABC (starring 1980’s British superstars Tony Hadley from Spandau Ballet and Peter Fry from ABC) are using Robe ColorSpot 250 XTs on their four month UK theatre tour which kicked off last week.

Lighting designer Dave Gibbon is using eight Robe ColorSpot 250 XTs to form the core of the show. They are rigged on the house over-stage LX bars or trussing, and mixed in with a selection of house fixtures according to what is available at each venue. Gibbon is also touring an Avolites Pearl console, a smoke machine and a large burgundy upstage drape.

The 250 XTs are bright for their small dimensions and light weight. The Hadley vs. Fry & ABC show features a full mix of up-tempo anthems and great hits from the 80s, using original material from both artists plus an eclectic selection of covers.

Gibbon says that the 250 XTs offer him the options and creative scope needed for making this show look different for its two hour set at each gig. He maximizes the XT’s numerous functions–including color changing, gobo mixing and rotation, prisms, and fast movement–in a lively mix of "beam technology" and upstage effects projections.