TMC, the main sound and lighting contractors for a new club in Stalybridge, UK, supplied and installed a wide range of LED lighting products from Ian Kirby’s Lighting Effects Distribution in Rififi Club.

"LEDs offer low maintenance, low power consumption and long lamp life," comments Miles Marsden, TMC director. "And while they are becoming more viable as a projected effect they are especially useful as a wash light and great for external use."

The club inhabits a converted 1930’s Palace Cinema and opened its doors in December, following an extensive refit and reconfiguration of the space. The building now houses a downstairs front bar, linked via a removable partition to the rear bar, which is available for private parties, and serves the upstairs nightclub.

Lighting Effects Distribution has specified the effects and architectural lighting to all the main feature areas, using Coemar, Geni, and proprietary LED-based fixtures. To start, six Solar M100b RGB LED units positioned on each side of the building project columns of color-changing light up the walls.

The ground floor dance floor is illuminated by six Ayrton EasyColor 1 LED moving lights, set in two rows of three and divided by a 40cm mirrorball and rotator. Control is via Geni PC Brain, a simple playback unit suited to bar staff operation. Over the main dance floor, Coemar automated head lighting is used extensively, suspended from two 12-metre long lighting bars with the lighting plotted along the bar lengths, which curve out to the center of the floor to form a "X" motif. To achieve the lazy "X" effect, 12 ProSpot 250LX fast-moving heads are set along a specially-fabricated truss to create a sharp beam and similar movement to that of a scan. These are complemented by four Geni Burst scanners, offering full 360° mid-air rotation to radiate 14 spinning colored images, while a further eight Coemar ProWash 250LX effects provide slabs of color over the dance floor. A mirrorball hangs at the center of the room.

Lighting Effects Distribution also provided the special effects for the club: two wall-mounted Hungaroflash EUDMX 5kW strobes face the mirrorball, while haze and fog is generated from Antari X-310 smoke machines.

Eight Solar MR16 6W high-powered LEDs provide the buttress lighting effect, while the main club bar lighting is based around a further four Solar 15W LED fittings–all running full color-change RGB–to highlight a chandelier on the entrance stairs. Other LED illuminated areas include the free pour risers behind the bars and two Coemar-powered large glass panels behind the DJ and separating bars.

The entire lighting operates under ShowCAD computer-based control. Other companies involved in the Rififi project include main contractors Clifford Tunstall Associates, DES Electrical Contractors, and Concept Bars and Refrigeration.

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