In the summer of 2004, Mainstage created a large format projection on the prominent Menara Telekom building in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, for their client Telekom Malaysia Berhard.

In conjunction with Malaysia’s National Day celebration on August 31st, Telekom had images of the past Prime Minister of Malaysia mixed with background graphics that represented the national appreciation for the Prime Minister projected onto its building every night. Corporate logos of the nation’s telecommunication giant were also beamed onto the surface of the building.

The building has a unique "bamboo" shape structure and is located in the main thoroughfare to the suburb of Petaling Jaya, where the traffic flow is very heavy in the evening and at night. A 20m-high projection tower was constructed across the highway about 220m away from building. Mainstage used three PANI 12kW units, which were flown in from Europe, for the projection.

Mainstage used two PANI projectors for the top section of the images to compensate for the loss in brightness due to the longer distance caused by the higher tilting angle of the projector.