Moviegoers in Mexico will get a glimpse of true 3D Digital Cinema is really about when they see Walt Disney Pictures’ new animated film, Chicken Little, next month. Numerous theatres will be showing the movie using QuVIS’ Cinema Player. The QuVIS server, which is fully DCI-compliant for JPEG2000 with an upgrade path to 4K, is the only wavelet-based product on the market that can show 3D content by generating dual streams from a single server.

“We knew the name and saw the obvious value of using a long-standing Digital Cinema Server manufacturer. The value is in the Quality Visual Information Systems (QuVIS),” says Joe Delgado, Moving Image Technologies (MIT). “The QuVIS Cinema Player is the only practical, price effective solution to address Digital Cinema 3D and still maintain an one of the only upgrade paths to DCI-compliant Digital Cinema solution that is ready today.”

MIT will be the integrator on this project and is looking to prepare these theatres for the upcoming Chicken Little release on November 4. The Cinépolis Plaza Universidad and Cinémex Mundo in Mexico City, MM Cinemas Humberto Lobos Theatre in Monterrey, and a fourth to be determined are all slotted to receive the DCI-compliant QuVIS Cinema Player 3D. The QuVIS Cinema Player was selected as the playout device for the Mexico release due to its capability of sending frame-accurate synchronous playback via dual-link HD-SDI. “QuVIS has always been devoted to pushing the digital cinema industry to the next level, 3D is no exception,” says Larry Jacobson, president of digital cinema, QuVIS. “Having the only solution on the market that can address all Digital Cinema needs at once is a unique opportunity. 3D, JPEG2000, and Show Management Systems; take your pick of what you want to focus on and we are ready today.”

QuVIS servers enable the real-time recording of two separate source images to be then stored as a single synchronous file on a single server eliminating the concerns of losing sync in playback and destroying the 3D effect. There are three primary QuVIS servers enabling this type of experience: the 3D mastering and playback QuVIS Acuity, the DCI JPEG2000 and 3D-enabled QuVIS Cinema Player 3D, and the QuVIS Ovation 3D for other large screen venues.

With such notable directors as George Lucas, James Cameron, Robert Rodriquez, and Peter Jackson, in support of this newest push in digital cinema, QuVIS is prepared to bring this evolution of cinema to the masses. “We have been involved in digital cinema since its onset…. To do that you always have to be ready for what the publics want next," comments James Graham, VP of sales and marketing, QuVIS. “As a manufacture, we are ready for 3D, but I don't think the public could ever be prepared for how amazing this imagery really is."