For the third year running, LD Bob Dickinson turned to Martin MAC 2000 Wash fixtures to paint Hollywood’s Kodak Theatre for the Oscars, the annual award show of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which was broadcast live by ABC on Sunday, February 27.

Dickinson incorporated approximately 260 MAC 2000 Wash fixtures into this year’s design. "Good color mixing combined with exceptional output make it the perfect tool for television, especially broadcasts with very high trim heights," he says. "The Grammy’s had trims of over 80’ and the Oscars were some 45’."

Positioned on side pillars and in the overhead rig, the MAC 2000 Wash was used as the main stage washlight on the show. Its extensive color palette was incorporated into every look throughout the evening as back and front light, as well as painting a variety of set pieces.

"Considering a live television broadcast is a one chance circumstance, dependability is very important," Dickinson states. "I have come to trust the MAC 2000 as a solid player, a very dependable light. The MAC 2000 Wash is a lot of light when you want it, where you need it and you know the damn thing will be working when the cue is called!"

Martin Atomic 3000 DMX strobes were also on hand to provide some star flash just prior to the awards show. Because photographer access is strictly limited on the red carpet as the stars arrive, 22 Atomic 3000 strobes were used to provide simulated camera flash. The Martin MAC 2000 Wash and Atomics were supplied by California-based PRG.

Martin’s Ray Whitton and Martin Tanzarelli provided manufacturer presence, obviously very important at such a prestigious event. The show crew was reportedly pleased with both the MAC 2000 Wash’s performance and the Martin support.

Lighting Designer: Bob Dickinson
Assistant Lighting Designer: Dan Reed
Lighting Director, Automated Board Operator: Andy O'Reily
Lighting Director: Bob Barnhart
Associate Lighting Director: Jon Kusner
Conventional Board Op: Gil Simillion
Crew Chief: Steve Oleniczak

Images courtesy of Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences