ProCon Technology USA has many new products available, including its ProCon Luggable, ProCon Duplication Systems, and its QuickCapture HDV. Visit for more information.

The ProCon Luggable
The ProCon 6 Writer Luggable Firewire Plus USB Standalone DVD/CD Duplication System includes the same features as ProCon’s PC-D-6250, including 16 DVD drives, 250 Gigabyte hard drive, Firewire, and USB interface in a carrying case. Users can bring this duplication system wherever it’s needed.

ProCon High Speed Firewire + USB Stand-alone DVD/CD Duplication Systems
ProCon High Speed DVD/CD and CD Duplication Systems are stand-alone towers that feature 6- Pin Firewire plus USB 2.0 inputs. MAC and PC users with or without DVD/CD writers in their computers may now burn master DVDs or CDs directly onto a ProCon duplicator.

ProCon Duplication Systems are manufactured with the best components on the market. ProCon DVD systems are built with Toshiba 16X drives and support all DVD formats including DVD Video, DVD ROM, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW and DVD+R9 Dual Layer DVD. ProCon builds 75 models of duplicators from 1 to 11 writer systems with and without 250 Gigabyte Hard Disk Drives fixed and removable. ProCon High Speed Duplication Systems also feature a No Touch Copy Start and Two Year Warranty.

The ProCon model number PC-D-RHD11250 11 Writer DVD Duplicator with 250 Gigabyte Removable Hard Disk Drive records 11 full DVDs in under seven minutes. The 250 Gigabyte Hard Disk Drive allows you to store and name 52 two hour DVD images.

QuickCapture HDV
The new QuickCapture HDV has the standard features of the QuickCapture and adds HDV recording format, time-lapse recording, and eight-second pre-record. HDV is recorded in native format with file extension ".MT2". QuickCapture HDV provides 99 Bins and allows .AVI Type 2, .MOV, and now .MT2 to coexist on the same drive in their respective bins.

QuickCapture A2D is a Digital Video Recorder with analog to digital conversion. QuickCapture A2D adds a built-in media converter, allowing users to record video from any analog source directly to the QuickCapture A2D, as well as monitor analog or digital recording in real time on any analog monitor. The media conversion makes the QuickCapture A2D an ideal device for converting analog tapes to edit-ready AVI or MOV files. QuickCapture A2D records up to 7.5 hours (100GB models) of video through Firewire and analog interfaces and creates edit-ready AVI or MOV files that can be imported directly into Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, Canopus Edius, Sony Vegas and Avid Xpress Pro. Beltworn QuickCapture A2D models include belt bag, rechargeable battery, analog breakout cable and AC power supply. QuickCapture A2D models feature IEEE1394 6 Pin DV Input/Output, 4-Pin SVHS, BNC Composite Video, RCA unbalanced audio analog inputs and outputs.