Barco has released three products that utilize LED display technology in a creative way. MiSPHERE, CREATIVE MiPIX and CREATIVE OLITE enable set/show designers, architects, and consultants to add shape, form, and perspective to fully redefine the LED imaging landscape.

Designed exclusively for U2’s Vertigo tour, MiSPHERE opens up the door to new and innovative LED display solutions. A MiSPHERE consists of four full-color, high-performance LEDs that reside inside an opaque, light-defusing capsule. With 360º viewing angles and the ability to play both full video & data, the MiSPHERE bridges the gap between existing video and lighting products. Individual MiSPHERES are daisy-chained into a string, with several strings in turn forming a 3D visualization curtain. Each MiSPHERE acts as a pixel within the curtain, making it possible to display images and simulate lighting effects across the entire curtain, while also achieving a Look-Through effect and Multiple Angle viewing effect for the audience. MiSPHERE will be available for shipment beginning of 2006.

Following the successful release of the MiPIX block in 2003, Barco introduces CREATIVE MiPIX add-ons that create unique display solutions without expensive and time consuming custom manufacturing. The add-ons, shipping now, can be placed on top of the MiPIX blocks to enable another layer of expression for creative ideas: diffusers in the format of squares, domes, or tubes; or full-frame diffusers with creative cut-outs such as pakman or circles.

A standard MiPIX block measures 4x4cm (1.6x1.6”) and contains four full-color LEDs. It is lightweight and connects to other blocks by means of flexible ribbon cables, enabling set designers to create large-scale backdrops of any form, shape, or size.

The OLITE 510 tile is the only Indoor/Outdoor LED tile available on the market that can be broken down into 64 discrete modules. Its modularity allows designers to fully integrate LED technology in set designs in any shape or size, to let video flow over surfaces and to fully integrate LED technology in ceiling and floor. The OLITE 510 creatively integrated into the design of the stage floor and backdrop of the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest. OLITE 510 is available for shipment now.