Wybron, Inc. invites lighting professionals to discuss and critique its new and changing products during an open house June 4 in New York City.

Wybron president Keny Whitright and vice president of Engineering Lee Schlais be at the Film Center Building, 630 9th Ave., Suite 1001, in the offices of Electronic Theatre Controls (ETC) from 10am to 5pm on June 4. They wíll talk about Wybron’s new lighting technology as well as improvements to the company’s existing products, including its InfoGate software, which uses industry-standard talkback protocols to help users manage their lighting rigs remotely without actually handling the devices.

“We really want to involve members of the lighting industry with our product development to see if they want anything added or changed,” Whitright says. “They’re the individuals who use what we make, and we want to make sure that how our products run actually helps them do their jobs”

The open house won’t adhere to a rigid schedule, allowing attendees to drop by and meet with key Wybron staffers anytime during the day.