Be one of three lucky people to win a Palm VIIx Handheld Computer at LDI.2001 in Orlando, FL.
With all the new entertainment-technology software arriving everyday for handhelds, you’ll find the Palm VIIx a must! It’s got all the functionality Palm handhelds are famous for, plus flip-of-the-antenna wireless Internet and email access. Check your favorite stock quotes from the airport. Send email from a taxi. You can book a flight, get directions, and read up-to-the-minute news almost anywhere, anytime.

Give us your business card at the New Technology Breakfast: Lighting on Friday morning at 8:00pm, or the New Technology Breakfast: Audio and Projection on Saturday morning at 8:00am, and you could be a winner! The third Palm VIIx will be given away to a lucky participant at Eric Cornwell’s "Palm Readers" panel on Sunday afternoon at 2:00pm. See you at LDI.2001 in Orlando, FL, November 2-4... where you could be one of three winners to go home with a Palm VIIx in your pocket!