LCS released Wild Tracks 4 fault tolerant sound effects playback system: the integrated hardware and software option for the Matrix3 modular digital mixer that provides sixteen tracks of audio playback. Unlike conventional samplers and disk-based playback systems, audio files can be grouped in arbitrary track combinations on the fly, and triggered by a combination of external control, internal automation, and internal or external SMPTE time code. SafetyNet™ redundancy provides automatic changeover from a primary drive failure to any available backup drive.

Wild Tracks 4 provides an intuitive user interface that includes a visual timeline of audio events and click-and-drag simplicity for building complex sound cues. Audio files can be imported from a variety of formats using the new AudioMove™ multi-platform (OS X, Linux, Win32) program included with Wild Tracks 4. A Samba file network server is implemented with Wild Tracks, allowing convenient access to sound files over a network. This new Wild Tracks release also incorporates easy one-button drive copy and format commands, and users can now use their preferred backup and restore software on Wild Tracks drives.

First introduced seven years ago, Wild Tracks is a single-solution replacement for carts, minidisks, samplers and multitracks, allowing independent playback of individual tracks at any start time desired. Tracks can be controlled discreetly via cues, time code, or manual trigger. Wild Tracks 4 software requires the LX-ELC module (installs in an LX-300 frame), the WTS-LX software and one or more WTX-HD hard drives.