In a move that both brings the brands of Midas and Klark Teknik closer together in addition to providing a more effective way of working, Midas and Klark Teknik have announced that David Wiggins, previously responsible for international sales of Klark Teknik, is to assume equal responsibility in his role as international sales manager for both brands.

"In terms of the way we have been restructuring the company in recent months, this is a move that makes complete sense," affirmed Wiggins. "As technology continues to develop apace, so the interaction between the two brands becomes increasingly important. We are already seeing this at a product and therefore R&D level; for example the ability to link any Heritage or Legend console to Helix via the auto-solo function to name but one example. It therefore follows that the same strategy should be reflected in sales and marketing."

Director of sales and marketing for Midas and Klark Teknik, David Cooper agrees. "Having taken on responsibility for both brands myself recently, and appointed a UK salesman who looks after both brands, it was a logical step to create the same position at an international level. Wiggy already knows his market inside out as far as KT is concerned, and he knows all of the Midas customers as well, so he is ideally placed to take on this role. In terms of logistics, it will also make life easier for our customers, as they will now have just the one point of contact for all Midas or Klark Teknik enquiries. Depending upon their geographical location, it will either be me or Wiggy, or Fez (Richard Ferriday) if they are in the UK. We feel that this is a much more efficient set-up for everyone concerned and it reflects our goals in the long-term."