A white Christmas in the Caribbean...Mexico...Hawaii...or even Brazil?

It may seem unlikely, but this holiday season passengers on most Princess Cruise ships will find themselves in a winter wonderland as snow magically falls in the ships' atriums on December cruises.

This daily snow flurry is thanks to Hollywood based MagicSnow Systems, who was contracted by Princess to install its snow effects systems onboard 15 of its ships.

"We wanted to create an illusion of real blizzard, so we developed a customized system that allows us to completely hide the source of the ‘magic,’” explains Adam Williams, founder of MagicSnow Systems. “We hope the onboard snowfalls become a Holiday tradition for Princess Cruises.”

The snow-making process creates falling flakes that vanish on contact, letting passengers enjoy the romance of a winter snowfall without the need to bundle up. Princess' daily snowfall will occur on all ships except for the line's three small vessels: Pacific Princess, Tahitian Princess, and Royal Princess, which do not have large, multi-story atriums.