Wet Electrics recently announced the launch of the highly anticipated Production Designer Studio software, the most comprehensive and complete downloadable multimedia coordination software. Production Designer Studio signals a revolution in the art of multimedia design and coordination, as the software is the first-ever downloadable tool that allows for the control of audio, video, midi and serial devices from a single interface.

Production Designer Studio is the latest advancement in presentation technologies. The software incorporates the core power and functionality of Production Designer Multimedia Systems, offering a suite of benefits to media designers and producers, including the trademark Production Designer simplicity and ease-of-use. By allowing multimedia designers to arrange media on a timeline, Studio facilitates the effortless playback of video and audio clips and MIDI and serial devices such as light boards and projectors; its interactive capabilities allow the presenter to dynamically orchestrate the order of events within a controlled environment. Furthermore, the software’s flexibility lends itself to an assortment of applications, including but not limited to business presentations, live performances, dynamic retail displays and museum and educational installations.

"The development of the Production Designer product line addressed a need in the multimedia design community for a high-end, software-based multimedia coordination tool. Designers loved the flexibility, power and interface of our Multimedia Systems, but also wanted a studio tool to run on their workstations, right alongside the content creation tools we complement," says Jill Szuchmacher, Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of Wet Electrics. "We listened to our customers and concentrated the power and functionality of Production Designer into a downloadable software product. Production Designer Studio allows media designers an affordable solution for any multimedia presentation."

The software is also unique as it significantly lowers costs by reducing the time, expense and risk of managing and deploying media. Production Designer Studio fosters a more productive atmosphere for media designers, assembling complex productions in significantly less time. The process of designing and assembling complex presentations is greatly simplified, as the need for many external devices is reduced and often eliminated. The software also provides ongoing savings by allowing easy content updates and changes. Consequently, design and technical preparations become more productive.

The software can be downloaded from the Wet Electrics web site, www.wetelectrics.com. Production Designer Studio retails for $995 (a special introductory price of $695 has been implemented for a limited time) and is available for Macintosh systems only. There is also a trial download, free of charge.

About Wet Electrics and Production Designer
Wet Electrics is a software development company serving the media, entertainment and corporate presentation industries. The company is committed to developing powerful, easy-to-use tools that create higher production values with greater cost efficiency. Production Designer, the company’s first product, is software that fully integrates all technical aspects of multimedia installations and presentations.