West Side Systems

introduces the FocusPhone Jr wireless remote for ETC lighting consoles. An even more economical version of the original FocusPhone, the FocusPhone Jr enables wireless control of a lighting console for adjusting channels or dimmers. The included cordless phone interfaces to the Remote Focus Unit (RFU) connector on the console allowing wireless remote control from anywhere in the phone's range.

The Touch-Tone keypad is used to enter dimmer and channel numbers, levels and many common commands including AND, THRU, AT, FULL and RELEASE. FocusPhone Jr provides basic console control for focusing, troubleshooting, or checking out a lighting system. FocusPhone Jr can access dimmers directly by number, and step through dimmers in sequence. A built-in channel check feature steps through channels by pressing a single button.

The FocusPhone Jr is initially available only for ETC Express and Expression/Insight 2x/3 family and Emphasis consoles. Original FocusPhone models are available for ETC Obsession, Strand 300-550i, and other consoles. They offer comprehensive control including access to groups, cues, and macros, all from a cordless phone.

The FocusPhone and FocusPhone Jr allow a lighting crew to work more efficiently. An electrician can turn lights on and off while focusing. A technician troubleshooting an installed scroller can control it directly. A retail designer can balance light levels from any location in a store. An exterior lighting designer can make changes from outside the building. FocusPhone is the answer anywhere that portable, cordless lighting control is required.

FocusPhone and FocusPhone Jr are affordably priced and available now. For more information go to www.focusphone.com.